Energy Healing

"Lynda's energy healing treatment released blocks and stagnation in my body that had caused me years of pain." - Dana L.

"At first I wasn't sure what to expect, but after the first treatment, I felt years of grief and anger melt off of me. It was an amazing experience!"  - David K. 

How energy healing sessions occur:
I offer concentrated in-person or remote Medical Qigong Healing Sessions to those desiring greater health, energy, and vitality. Remote Qi transmissions will be directed to the auric field, chakras, and meridians to balance, revitalize and awaken your body’s own ability to heal itself.

These healing sessions are designed to increase momentum over the course of a preset amount treatments. 

Each session builds on the next…

In the process of healing these energy dynamics, a client’s physical body may go through a series of unwinding and release type movements, including, yawning, swallowing and deep breaths. I will guide this entire process including grounding the individual at the close of the hour.

Here is more information about my Energy Healing Program and how to make the most of it…

How energy healing works?

Where the mind goes energy follows. The more connected the mind is the stronger the current. People who are sensitive to energy, children, and animals are the easiest to connect with. This connection allows an energy transmission that is calming, enlivening, energizing and it enhances one’s connection to their inner being which is the source of healing.

Why aren’t more people aware of their inner being?

Every living thing has an inner being. That inner being is deeply energetic. That inner being is tied not only to one’s health but also their well-being, their prosperity and the ebb and flow of their lives. When a person's energy is depleted due to inner and outer stress it can be difficult to revitalize and regain awareness of inner being (inner light). This keeps us temporarily cut off from the solution, the healing we are wanting, the movement in our life that we are seeking.

How many months of healing does it take?

This differs for many people. People wrestling with stress and a lack of positive flow in their life might see a reprieve after a series of in-person or remote healings. People who are journeying challenging life circumstances can find a calm in the midst of their storm through these healing sessions over the course of a few months.

Finding calm in the storm is called finding inner being (inner light) and this will always be the source of answers, resolutions, and healings. 

Awakening and amplifying this inner light will always be the source of healing in someone’s personal reality.

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